Kids & Teens Dentistry, Ontario

Ontario, Canada – 6,000 sq. ft.

The specialized Kids & Teens Dentistry clinic provides the highest quality of dental care to infants (0-3), children (4-12) and adolescents (13-18), including those with special needs, transcending the boundaries and potential of pediatric healthcare design.

Inspired to embody a calming park setting, children can play interactive games within the feature Treehouse while the Tooth Fairy House creates an imaginative play area for the toddlers. The VIP lounge is exclusive to the Teen’s and accessed by passcode only. Themed operatory rooms and industry leading technology allows for children of all ages to visually, virtually and actively connect with the space and transform their waiting room experience. Custom graphic artwork by Launch By Design Inc. creates an inspiring healthcare environment, while still exceeding all medical sector needs to embody a truly dynamic facility of healing and discovery. This design has transformed a fear factor into a fun factor!

Following the redesign of Kids & Teens Dentistry a noticeable improvement has been seen/observed by staff of patients who were once challenging during their visit based of the positive impact of the environment.

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