Atlantis Baby, Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, Bahamas

Expanding the store and the bottom line at the same time.

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort

After introducing the new Atlantis Baby brand at a temporary retail location, Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas asked Launch by Design Inc. to expand the space into a permanent store by taking down the wall between two existing sales and retail stores.


  • No alterations of any structural elements, including window frames and ceilings, were permitted
  • Existing fixtures had to be relocated to permanent locations
  • Retail capacity had to be maximized in a space that featured floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Had to work with existing flooring in one space while selecting new flooring to blend into the expansion area

Design Solution:
An innovative and adorable sea creature design was developed that included custom millwork, strategic displays and even suspended Jellyfish light fixtures! Light, soft colours were used to transform the existing dark wood and heavy frame architecture into a soothing space for parents and baby shoppers alike. The addition of wall fixtures designed to create a nursery effect with sculpted moulding allowed for flexible function with drawers below for extra stock. A slat wall maximized the displays while applied subtle waves and bubbles reinforced the brand and shopping experience.

Fixtures were strategically placed to allow customers to flow through the space and encourage sales and impulse buys. The unique design of the custom metal racks along the windows created the function for both an interesting window feature for the exterior, and merchandising displays for the interior of the store. The floor-to-ceiling height of these racks allowed for a dual-functioning solution to display the product stock in a space with limited storage and area.

Tile flooring was sourced to complement the existing tile mosaic and provide a durable option that smoothly transitioned into the expanded space, marrying the two separate spaces into one. This new space now provides a seamless retail experience for guests wishing to purchase Atlantis Baby apparel and Atlantis Pets accessories and apparel.

“The original space was dark and uninviting,” recalls Errol Cohen, Senior VP Retail Development, Atlantis Paradise Island. “The newly renovated area doubled the size of the store, created a bright, fresh ambience in the Coral Towers lobby entrance and highlighted the entrance to the Coral Towers shopping arcade. Revenue has increased by 2.5 times and payback was less than nine months. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback too; guests comment often on the ‘cuteness’ of the space as well as the adorable merchandise and the way it is displayed.”

“Revenue has increased by 2.5 times and payback was less than nine months.”

Errol Cohen, Senior VP Retail Development, 
Atlantis Paradise Island

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