Carnival Freedom, Camp Ocean

Carnival Freedom – 4,900 sq. ft.

This new innovative environment designed for Carnival Cruise Line features dynamic, active areas for the three branded age groups; Penguins (2-5 years old) Stingrays (6-8 years old) and Sharks (9-11 years old). Launch by Design Inc’s custom play structures, wall coverings & carpets offer a truly unique ocean experience for all.

This design has been transformed into a roll-out program.

The tech-savvy “Stingrays” and “Sharks” have cool new spaces to play interactive games, xbox and cool lounge seating while featuring custom carpet designs and graphic artwork by Launch By Design Inc. on every surface including the custom outdoor playground and deck flooring with hopscotch incorporated.

BrandIndex has since ranked Carnival Cruise Line No.1 improver among all U.S. Brands in its Mid-Year buzz ranking report. We are very pleased to hear that we were successful in helping to bring this brand back up to number 1 for their youth programs and unique family environments.

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