Camp Ocean, Carnival Freedom Carnival Cruise Line Camp Ocean, Carnival Freedom Carnival Cruise Line Camp Ocean, Carnival Freedom Carnival Cruise Line

Camp Ocean, Carnival Freedom – Refurbishment

Overcoming a sea of restrictions to create an underwater world.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line wanted to provide young guests (children under the age of 12) on their Carnival Freedom ship with a play area that made them feel as if they were immersed in an underwater, ocean world of exploration


  •  Low ceilings (only 7’)
  •  Strict marine safety codes demanded that the area be open concept
  •  All fabrics, surfaces and materials had to be certified by the International Maritime Organization

Design Solution:
Although the low ceilings were limiting throughout the space, the LBD team was able to achieve the feeling of being submerged deep under the sea by incorporating custom branded artwork on the walls, ceiling and flooring.

Through the strategic placement of partial- and low-walls, and the elimination of doors between areas, we were able to create designated areas for three distinct age groups while still meeting the open-concept requirement of the marine safety codes.

To overcome the challenge of sourcing fabrics, surfaces and materials that need to both receive certification by the International Maritime Organization and allow us to accomplish our design vision, keep costs down and source unique and durable materials, the LBD team became inspired—creating custom artwork for each area.

The success of this project has encouraged CCL to ask LBD to creatively implement the essence of the Camp Ocean design across the fleet. This required LBD to provide unique solutions without altering any structural elements and restrained costs. You can see how the design transformed these Carnival ships in the Camp Ocean Reskin Case Study.

“They delivered flawlessly, exceeding our expectations.”

Caroline Lombardi, Director of Youth Experiences, 
Carnival Cruise Line

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