Launch by Design Inc. is an international award-winning interior, architectural and brand identity focused design agency specializing in marine and land-based hospitality, family entertainment and retail environments. Our expertise is built around creating exciting guest and customer inspired experiences.

We integrate brand ideation, programming, demographic insights and examine all design possibilities to create experiential environments for the end user while enhancing our clients’ brand vision. This is how our projects have launched our clients into front runners in their industry.

How do we do it?

INNOVATION               CREATIVITY                INFINITE ABILITY              DIVERSITY      

At the core of our design philosophy we seek to enrich the human experience by tapping into the diversity and splendor of our world. We create new ways for people to connect to place, identify with self and interact with others. Social architecture is the name of our game.

Your success is our success.

We are passionate about launching our client’s visions into reality. Allow us to launch yours.

Ann Bada-Crema, BID, ARIDO
Creative Director / Founder

Ann was born creative and loved the concept of building by the age of four. One of her favorite and earliest memories was spending time walking with her father on his construction sites. In this environment she grew and developed a passion for the way art meets structure and the experience it imprints in our everyday lives.

Through her love of art, design and construction, Ann recognized the need to channel her passion into a creative outlet and entered the Design Industry after graduating from Ryerson University. She went on to establish her company Launch by Design Inc. in 2002. Through her enthusiastic, creative, innovative and strategic approach to design, Ann has built an internationally acclaimed design studio in Toronto.

When Ann traded her overalls for an executive suit, she experienced an accelerated rise in her design career working alongside designers, architects and industry creatives. She developed a design philosophy that blurs the boundaries between art, design, interior/exterior architecture, and construction. Aside from her creativity, Ann can take the “big picture” of a project and develop it to its finest details.

For over 30 years, Ann has set new industry standards in the hospitality, marine, family entertainment and retail environments.  Her dedication to the clients’ needs, vision, and brand, motivates her to achieve design excellence that meets and exceeds her clients’ business objectives. Ann’s collaboration with world renowned clients has elevated their brands and surpassed the client’s expectations, while delivering a return on their investment – she even managed to win a few awards along the way.

As a result, through Ann’s visionary approach to design she has pioneered unique concepts and ideas that allow the end user to interact with the experiential environments she has created.

After all, Ann believes that “we live to experience!”

Ann Bada-Crema, BID, ARIDO
Ann Bada-Crema, BID, ARIDO