Teens Environments

Design for Teens Spaces Impressing a teenager is no easy task but Launch by Design Inc. continues to do just that. Clients in the hospitality industry rely on us as their designer of choice when the project calls for creating a teen-targeted space. Our environments for teens have included a variety of custom design features and elements; everything from black lit corridors, iridescent materials in the dance floor and walls, movie lounges and state-of-the-art gaming stations to computers, ceiling-hung screens, custom-designed wall graphics and concessions stands. When it comes to designing for teens, Launch by Design Inc. caters to the unique essence of this high-tech demographic, keeping up with the ever-changing technology while creating new trends in the market. Carnival Club O₂ Club Rush, Morocco Club Rush, UAE The Verge Club Rush, Bahamas

Carnival Freedom, Club O₂

Carnival Freedom - 1300 sq.ft The design intent was to streamline the Club O₂‘s existing patterns, colours and materials into a cohesive, vibrant environment of movement. The custom dance floor design and “mocktail bar” is a central hub for energy within the space.  The strategic introduction of unique-to-the-market glowing “infinity tiles” were custom designed to fit within the existing ceiling grid system. Ergonomic gaming chairs add to the elite and sophisticated mood while the speaker details of the panels elude to the musical and spatial movement throughout. A known favourite space is the “Chill Pod” lounge, allowing teens to do what they do best, hang-out! Gallery

Club Rush, UAE

Dubai, UAE - 5200 sq. ft. Club Rush, located in the Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, is a hip, entertainment venue featured within the seven star resort. The multifunctional spaces incorporate various entertainment facilities including intermittent lounge areas, and a lively dance floor highlighted by technicolour flooring and shimmering light fixtures.  Sophisticated textiles and colour schemes elevate the space to suit its continental and cultured visitors while still satisfying their entertainment needs. All spaces were designed with dramatic lighting and to reflect the local influence and different teen personalities in mind.  This state-of-the-art teens club creates a space where teens can feel like adults while gaming, lounging and connecting with their international friends online. The reception area welcomes the teens with an illuminated sculptured backdrop hinting the fun and exciting experience found beyond. The strategically illuminated high-tech computer area lead into the energized and playful gaming area that is adjacent to the lounge and concession area offering the teens a place to lounge, socialize and hang out. The lounge also doubles as a space to watch the latest movie on the wall-sized screen. This teens club also offers a fun dance area with a live DJ and an interactive dance floor engaging the young guests to learn new moves, enjoy the music and have fun! Gallery

The Verge, Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand – 1,010 sq. ft. The Verge is a new and exciting addition to the hotel’s already impressive array of first-rate facilities. This state-of-the-art teens club features interactive elements and the latest video game consoles including the popular Xbox 360 and the flagship motion sensor product Kinect, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Wii. The game stations are all equipped with the newest games with different varieties to suit all tastes. With a zone for every teen personality, they can also choose to kick back and relax in the graphic movie lounge area or catch up at the Pool table, while connecting virtually at the sleek computer counters. Providing the ultimate in teen entertainment, young adults now have a fun area to relax, hang out and call their own! For more information visit: http://www.royalcliff.com/leisure/the-verge Gallery

Club Rush, Bahamas

Paradise Island, Bahamas - 1,390 sq. ft. Club Rush, located in the Atlantis Bahamas, integrates a dance area, internet/games and movie area all in one place. Merging advanced technology and comfort, a retail kiosk, with multiple display capabilities.  The club emanates the sophistication of a night club, yet gives young adults a place to fulfill their entertainment needs. Game stations and computers below a custom designed wall graphics greet guests upon entering the teen’s club.  Unique ceiling hung screens separate the movie lounge with soft seating from the other activities. A black light lit corridor with fluorescent stripes leads to the dance floor, which gives the teens a nightclub space complete with a live DJ.  Dramatic lighting and iridescent materials in the dance floor create an energetic atmosphere and along the walls, lounge seating offers a place to socialize. Gallery

Club Rush, Morocco

El Jadida, Morocco - 2,260 sq. ft. Club Rush was designed to amuse and stimulate the young minds of today’s advanced teens by entertaining their senses. Each activity space introduces a different atmosphere, mood and experience from the next. The refined design of the reception area incorporates the elegance of the hotel’s architecture while leading into a technology area, lounge area, and dance floor. The futuristic games and computer area is a dramatic space while the dance floor with DJ has a classy edge. Gallery