Retail Design


Jewellery Store Design The setting of a piece of jewellery complements and enhances the presentation of the stone. So too does the design of the store where the jewellery is on display. With over 25 years of retail experience, Ann Bada-Crema and the team at Launch by Design Inc. understand this concept and employ this thinking when creating the design of jewellery stores. Our goal is to make the client shine by finding harmony between the store/space, brand and product. By doing so we are able to create a jewellery store setting that reflects the essence of the brand and elevates the shopping experience. Touch of Gold Freyja Collection Diamond Design Oshawa Jewellery Heller Jewelers Alson Jewellers Silver Touch

Touch of Gold

Nova Scotia, Canada - 1,775 sq. ft. Since 1979, the high-end boutique jewellery store “Touch of Gold” has been a family favourite in Halifax, Nova Scotia for celebrating special occasions year round. The design of the expansion of the Spring Garden Road flagship location created a 1775 square foot retail experience, adding a dash of elegance in every detail. Focusing on local trades, natural materials and strategic traffic flow and displays, the elite and exclusive product is highlighted in a subtly stunning way. With an emphasis on the customer experience and expanded target market, the cohesive branded design creates a warm atmosphere that has directly increased sales. Gallery

Freyja Collection

Ontario, Canada - 1,300 sq. ft. The design objective for Freyja Collection was to create an integrated brand experience that alluded to the namesake of the concept: Norwegian goddess of love, Freyja, who “shed tears of gold” and “sprinkled morning dew from her hair”. The design is based upon the mystical qualities of the circle.  The scheme is a series of circular shapes layered from the planning of the showcases through to the ceilings, walls, and architectural elements.  Contrasting textures of circular translucent displays and corrugated wall panels, combined with metallic greens and blues create a harmonious environment. Gallery

Diamond Design

Newfoundland, Canada - 1,820 sq. ft. In converting a bank into a high end jewellery boutique, the existing structural conditions and columns were maintained to transform into a brand new retail experience of wonder and sophistication. The timeless design has allowed the store to thrive for many years and become the ‘go-to’ store for the truly special moments in their client’s lives. The store emphasizes their passion for beautiful design and encompasses the pleasure the shopping experience and process of jewellery and its meaning can bring to its customers. Attention is given to the merging of textures and patterns, in a sleek and comfortable space. This expansion was seamless success by expanding the stores footprint into the mall entrance and building out the storefront to make it appear that it had been there since the beginning. Gallery

Oshawa Jewellery

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada - 1,882 sq. ft. Oshawa Jewllery is the quintessential balance of aesthetics and function. Developed directly from feedback gathered from the clientele, the modern design combines and elegance a uniquely bold yet calming environment. The space has been strategically planned and designed to provide a positive and memorable branded customer experience. Through bold geometric designs and sophisticated features, the product is highlighted to embody the passion behind the work. Gallery

Heller Jewelers

California, United States - 3,000 sq. ft. Architectural detailing and suspended showcases create a welcoming and familiar essence that captures the family-owned store pride that shines through to the product. The brand focuses on the customer and community involvement and so this design emulates care. This traditional setting creates a functional and strategic comfortable shopping experience to encourage and increase sales through traffic flow and maintain a quiet elegance in atmosphere. Gallery

Alson Jewellers

Ohio, USA - 7000 sq. ft. This standalone store location sells jewellery and giftware and has been a family owned business since 1931. The exterior storefront creates a strong presence that can’t be missed adding an air of elegance to the architectural façade. The open showroom allows the customer experience to wander through to view the exhibits at their ease, while a natural traffic flow is created from the curvilinear display showcases, curved floating shelves and custom column detailing, enveloping the store in movemets. Gallery


Specialty Retail & Apparel Store Design Launch by Design Inc. has an expansive range of expertise in specialty retail  store and shop design experience. Whether you take in the fashionable elegance of retailer Dooney & Bourke, the sophisticated yet playful nature of the Atlantis Trading Dock, or the sweeping curves and sculpted dolphins swimming overhead at the award-winning Dolphin Cay retail store, it’s clear to see that our designers have the ability to add that custom touch to retail specialty and apparel stores and shops in order to bring the brand to a new dimension. Atlantis Trading Dock Calypso Carousel