Kids Environments

Designer of Kids’ Spaces & Play Areas Launch by Design Inc. has earned worldwide acclaim as a designer of kids’ spaces and children’s play areas. You’ll find our design work everywhere from world class cruise lines to 7-star hotels. We are renowned for designing countless successful kids’ spaces and children’s play areas that offer a combination that parents can’t refuse: fun and innovative play zones within a safe environment. Drawing on our innate understanding of child psychology, state-of-the-art technology and imaginative interactive tools, we create kids’ spaces and children’s play areas that captivate both children and parents alike with our unique designs. Launch by Design also offers the development of children’s program services and management for our clients. Coral KidZ Club Cancun, Mexico Carnival Camp Ocean Atlantis Kids Adventures Kids Club, UAE Kidz Club, Morocco KidsOnly, Bahamas Kids Club Craftroom, Bahamas KidsOnly, Mauritius Kids Club, Jamaica

Coral KidZ Club Cancun

Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun Resort & Spa, Mexico Generation Z children can ignite their senses and colour their world with a Mexican flair at the BEST kids club in Latin America! Coral KidZ Club Cancun is filled with colourful artwork, exciting explorations, and vibrant energies derived from a traditional Mexican experience designed to intrigue children of all ages and personalities. Toddlers ages 3-5 can choose from three pathways in their zone dedicated to imaginative play: city, park or jungle. The cityscape includes Mexican-style homes, a fire station, a custom I-spy graphic made up of cultural iconography, and an underwater mural! Next door is the Jungle room, a quiet zone deep in the forest where kids can curl up in a nook with a book.  The custom Mercado features a custom child-sized play kitchen and fully stocked market. Tweens and teens can enjoy the latest games in a high-tech futuristic Mayan setting. With 30 sq. ft. of LED motion-activated screens, the ‘Living Wall’ also houses interactive touch screens featuring three unique, engaging games with “edutainment” directly tied to the rich history and culture of Mexico. The Open Play Theatre and Dressing Room sets the stage for our stars of tomorrow to shine and play, while the Arts and Crafts room inspires creativity with the incredible view of the ocean and beach through the custom Porthole windows. Please see our press release here! Gallery Photos Renders

Carnival Freedom, Camp Ocean

Carnival Freedom - 4,900 sq. ft. This new innovative environment designed for Carnival Cruise Line features dynamic, active areas for the three branded age groups; Penguins (2-5 years old) Stingrays (6-8 years old) and Sharks (9-11 years old). Launch by Design Inc’s custom play structures, wall coverings & carpets offer a truly unique ocean experience for all. This design has been transformed into a roll-out program. The tech-savvy “Stingrays” and “Sharks” have cool new spaces to play interactive games, xbox and cool lounge seating while featuring custom carpet designs and graphic artwork by Launch By Design Inc. on every surface including the custom outdoor playground and deck flooring with hopscotch incorporated. BrandIndex has since ranked Carnival Cruise Line No.1 improver among all U.S. Brands in its Mid-Year buzz ranking report. We are very pleased to hear that we were successful in helping to bring this brand back up to number 1 for their youth programs and unique family environments. To see the case study click here! Gallery

Atlantis Kids Adventures

Paradise Island, Bahamas - 8,000 sq. ft. This multi award-winning kids club at Atlantis incorporates state-of–the-art interactive walls and floors along with industry leading touch-screen surfaces. The Imagination Station, for children 3-5 years old, is a collection of spaces where children can be in a grocery store, construction site, or a Victorian house.  Nearby in the Wizardology Room, a talking tree reads stories. Even the washrooms are a feature, with individually themed stalls with custom graphic artwork by Launch By Design Inc. Known in the tourism industry as the top choice for a Family Vacation, The AKA club offers activities for every young guest. The Performance area includes a stage, flashing lights, red velvet curtains, and motion sensor screens with floor projections. Children can play either digital soccer or virtual reality games.  In the arts and crafts room, children can create art by picking up a crayon or by drawing on an interactive iTable.  The digital image can then be projected onto an iWall and be e-mailed to parents and friends. The culinary room allows children to cook with professional chefs, and become familiar with cooking utensils, by searching for them on the custom designed ‘i-spy’ wall.  The games room and the computer lab incorporate the latest gaming systems with vibrant materials and eye catching graphics. Gallery

Kids Club, UAE

Dubai, UAE - 7,175 sq. ft. The Atlantis Kids Club in Dubai UAE, combines both elements of science, nature and creativity together to form a new age facility elevating the extent of each child’s imagination. Indoor activity centers were created to protect the children from the heat of the Dubai climate.  Upon arriving, children are signed in at the reception desk, while their belongings are tucked into the many concealed cubbies. Then they can visit the craft-room, science & nature room, technology room or the elaborate play space with rock climbing walls, oversized wall games and shipwreck playground.  The iMacs and game stations entertain in the technology room. A glowing sense of underwater life is translated into the nature area, where portholes from the learning facility into the Atlantis Aquarium, gives the children a visual association to what they are discovering. Gallery

KidZ Club, Morocco

El Jadida, Morocco - 2,116 sq. ft. This Kids Club design was inspired by elements of the natural landscapes which surround the Mazagan Resort; from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, to the lush greens of an oasis. Organic curved walls flow throughout the Kids Club and draw you through the many colorful activity spaces such as the craftroom, technology room, and quiet area.  In the technology room, children alternate between game stations, iMac computers, rock band stations and feature large movie screen. Gallery

KidsOnly, Bahamas

Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas – 3,625 sq. ft. The One&Only Ocean Club is an exclusive, five star resort dedicated to the desires of their guests.  Two existing guest room villas were converted into this fun Kid’s Club facility. The design involved creating an exciting environment that suits the different activity programs that were developed specifically for the children. Although the main focus was to create a unique children’s facility, the elements of practicality and safety were incorporated into the space. With an Arts & Crafts Room, Games Room and a Quiet Area, the unique space was designed with a playful atmosphere, while maintaining the sophisticated tone of the elite resort. The Quiet Area offers a large space for playing board or giant wall games or reading. A high-tech feel is created in the Computer Room through the creation of a continuous light bar. Gallery

Kids Club Craftroom, Bahamas

Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas – 1,390 sq. ft. The Atlantis Kid’s Club Craftroom was renovated to exemplify the theme of the resort, which encompasses all the wonders of the lost city of Atlantis. Unique shapes combined with an inspiring palette of colours create an assortment of tropical fish, which invigorates the space with fun and adventure. Combined together these components craft a dynamic back drop for the creative talent released within these walls. A magnetic wall world map allows the children to interact with each other and share where they are from, while the ceiling hung shapes and colourful materiality inspires creativity to bring home with them. Gallery

KidsOnly, Mauritius

Le Saint Géran, Mauritius - 2,116 sq. ft. The KidsOnly Club encompasses the original Le Saint Géran story by bringing a shipwreck to life through sails, masts, wooden planks, barrels and a centre post to simulate ship elements in a kids club setting. Custom artwork with ocean imagery peek through wooden shipwreck boards to create the atmosphere of looking out into the ocean from inside the shipwreck. There is an arts and crafts area to encourage creativity and projector screens built into the masts; a computer and games room, and a high-tech entertainment room equipped with seventh generation video game systems and the latest games for all ages. Gallery