Launch by Design Inc. participates in unique “Paper Lantern Challenge”

Part of LightArt’s 2015 “Ignite/Create” tour across the US and Canada.

light pendants & groupshot stitched

LightArt is a very cool lighting fabrication and design studio based in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. Every fixture they make is hand-built and made to order by their team of local artisans. The lights they create range from simple wall sconces to 35’-foot custom chandeliers.

Recently the LightArt crew were in Toronto as part of their 14-city North American “Ignite/Create tour, which featured a series of events designed to spark creativity. The LightArt team came to town in a van fully-outfitted with a heat forming oven, tools, 3Form material samples and a laser cutter. While in Toronto, LightArt held a “Paper Lantern Challenge”. The Launch by Design Inc. crew was thrilled to be invited to participate.

What exactly was the “Paper Lantern Challenge”? In a nutshell we had to create a pendant fixture in 30 minutes or less using only one large sheet of paper, a pendant light bulb and cord, and ordinary office supplies.

The creativity and diversity of the Launch by Design Inc. team members was apparent soon after the challenge began. The resulting paper lights showed the originality and imaginativeness of each individual as no matter what their studio role each creation had its own unique personality, shape, size and details. The top three winners received prizes including jewellery created from scrap 3Form material from the dconstruct – eco resin Canadian jewellery line which gives back to contributing artisans in various developing countries.

On the LightArt website, they state, “OUR MISSION… Inside each of us is the urge to create. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done. Skill takes time, but imagination rules. Make whatever appeals to you. Nothing is more powerful than the act of creation. The time to start is now.” The LightArt philosophy really resonates with all of us at Launch by Design Inc. as we believe that the creation of every space, graphic and element should be done so with the intention of inspiring a positive impact on the user, guest or owner.

Thank you to Lois Williams and Ryan Smith at LightArt for including us in such a fun event and for igniting our creativity during a memorable afternoon! Check out more about the tour and challenge at

As I always say, “we live to create!”