How We Are Different

Creators of Consumer-centric Experiences

At Launch by Design Inc. we transform spaces into one-of-a-kind, consumer-centric experiences.

Clients seek us out when they want something different and we take great delight in delivering just that. In many cases the road to achieving that vision is an untraveled one. It may require solutions that aren’t available off the shelf but at Launch by Design Inc. we’re ready to tackle any and all challenges.

Take some time to explore our portfolio of consumer-centric experiences and you’ll discover that many times our resourcefulness and innovative thinking have been called upon to create custom solutions. Led by the visionary leadership and boundless enthusiasm of our owner and principal designer, Ann Bada-Crema, our creative hand knows no boundaries. You will find it reflected in everything from custom carpets, wallcoverings and millwork to furniture materials and LED technology.

No matter what the scale, scope or sector, our goal is to translate your business strategy into an environment that produces an impactful, immersive experience for your customers while being on brand and meeting your functionality requirements at the same time. To do so, every detail is by design. Nothing is by chance. It’s the reason why it’s not just a tree, it’s a tree with a soul; it’s not just a wall, it’s a wall that’s interactive; it’s not just a floor, it’s a floor that projects. But rest assured elements are not incorporated to follow trends. Every aspect of our designs is there with a positive intention in mind and to reinforce the overall vision for the space. Often these elements are market-innovating solutions that have never been seen before. That’s how Launch by Design Inc. produces environments that serve a practical need, enhance the lives of those who are experiencing them and go beyond what our clients dream is possible.