Ann Bada-Crema, BID, ARIDO

Ann Bada-Crema, BID, ARIDO

Ann Bada-Crema, BID, ARIDO

President and Owner
Ann Bada-Crema is an award-winning designer and the founder and president of Launch by Design Inc. which she established in 2002.

With over 25 years of experience in design, Ann has built an internationally-acclaimed design firm by creating original concepts and identities for an array of retail, hospitality, and kids & teens entertainment environments. In addition, her work with various, world-renowned, 5- to 7-star resorts has garnered much attention and praise.

Ann’s design diversity encompasses many facets of the industry and has allowed her to create interiors throughout various sectors. Under her vision, Launch by Design Inc. has become a world leader in creating dynamic state-of-the-art spaces for kids’ entertainment and learning experiences.

When walking through the spaces that Ann produces, one can feel the energy, excitement and passion in her work; both children and adults are captivated by the experience of her creations.

As the president of Launch by Design Inc., Ann continually ensures that she has an active role in all projects. Her varied responsibilities within both small and large-scale projects range from client contact, concept design and supervision of working drawings, through to coordination of site construction. Her enthusiastic and creative approach to all projects enables Launch by Design Inc. to offer innovative, awe-inspiring and refreshing designs to clients and users alike.

Prior to commencing Launch by Design Inc., Ann held the position of Executive Director, Creative Operations at one of Canada‘s leading design firms. During this time her key role was operating the corporation, managing the creative studio and overseeing and approving all creative work.

Ann’s philosophy in achieving excellence in her work is to undertake her design projects with an imaginative and unique methodology for each client and their needs. Hence, there is no specific “look” or “style” attributed to Ann’s designs. Ann believes a successful space that is designed and planned well will allow the customer or guest a memorable experience.

 “I’m not here to follow trends. I initiate trends.”
— Ann Bada-Crema